Disney Youth Education Series

Florida Fun-raising Disney Youth Education Series

Disney Youth Education Series

Disney's Youth Education Program is a program in which students are able to experience the world of entertainment in the four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks. Disney trained professionals will be hosting 2 ½ to 3 hour programs that will give your students an experience they cannot get anywhere else.

Disney Youth Education Series

Some of the things that students will learn is how G-forces work as they ride Disney favorites such as Space Mountain®, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™, and Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain™. They will also get to met people from all over the world, ring a life sized replica of the Liberty Bell and sign their very own Declaration of Independence. For those animal lovers they will also be able to see what it is like to perform research in the field and in a working science laboratory.

The programs that are part of the Disney Y.E.S Program include:

  • - Arts and Humanities- culture, animation and theater
  • - Leadership and Careers- Life management, business and nature studies
  • - Natural science- animal care and management
  • - Physical sciences- students will get a better understanding of the science behind Disney attractions

  • Arts and Humanities Programs:
  • - Showbiz Magic at la Nouba by Cirque du Soleil for 6th – 12th grade
  • - The American Story – 3nd -12th Grade
  • - Disney's Animation Magic- 3rd- 12th Grade
  • - Magic Behind the Show: Improv and Teamwork – 6th – 12th Grade
  • - Millennium Cultures – 4th – 12th Grade
  • - Disney's Production Arts and Sciences- 6th- 10th grade

  • Leadership And Careers:
  • - Career Discovery: 6th — 10th Grade
  • - Disney's Leadership Excellence: The Inside Track: 9th — 12th Grade
  • - Keepers of the Kingdom at Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park: 9th — 12th Grade
  • - Making Waves with a Marine Career: 9th — 12th Grade

  • Natural Sciences
  • - "Disney's Ocean Discoveries": 3rd — 9th Grade
  • - "Disney's Wild By Nature": 2nd — 9th Grade
  • - "Team Up For Wildlife!": 6th — 12th Grade

  • Physical Science
  • - Everyday Chemistry: 4th — 9th Grade
  • - Disney's World of Physics: Energy and Waves: 3rd — 12th Grade
  • - Disney's World of Physics: Properties of Motion: 3rd — 12th Grade
  • - Dynamics of Technology: 6th — 12th Grade
  • - How Things Move: Kindergarten — 2nd Grade
  • - Synergy in Science: 1st — 5th Grade

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