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Universal Studies Program

Universal Orlando Educational Programs

Universal Studios has created a wonderful set of educational programs in all of the areas of industry that make Universal Studios the smooth running, family entertainment powerhouse it is today. These programs include various tours and workshops in the science and technology behind the park's attractions, special effects of the movies, the business behind a major theme park, the culinary ventures, performing arts, finance, career development, and a look into guest services. The educational programs run an hour long at the least. Performing arts is used to teach students about real occurrences in the past such as the story of Anne Frank, a story about the struggle and sacrifice for civil rights in 50's and 60's America named The Right to Dream, and a story about a rural mid-western family that suffered through the Stock Market crash of 1929 called Journey From the Dust. Also, take a look into the world of energy alternatives and how they may change the face of the planet with GE Ecomagination.

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Behind the Scenes Tours (3 hour tours beginning at 8am)

Universal Studies ProgramBehind the Adventure
A Science and Technology Tour of Islands of Adventure

The world's most technologically-advanced theme park has opened its doors to students interested in learning the ins and outs of ride development. This behind the scenes tour, The Behind the Adventure Tour, showcases the physics and other sciences that went into creating the most popular rides at Islands of Adventure. Call for more details and enter the world of theme park technology.

Universal Studies ProgramSpecial F/X Tour
Discover the Secrets of Movie Magic

This program is newly redesigned and interactive and explores movie make-up and set design. If special effects in the movies light the fires of your students, then this is a great program. Students will learn how the magic of movie special effects are created using science and technology. Main features of this program are a behind-the-scenes look to Revenge of the Mummy.

Universal Studies ProgramSchool of Rock

On this tour, find out what makes the hospitality industry run on a daily basis. Students will tour the Hard Rock Hotel and learn what makes the business run and what career opportunities are available in this field. Lunch, prepared by one of the executive chefs, is included with this program.

The First Hand Learning Series
(1 hour programs, start time can set to meet the needs of the group)

Acclaimed experts share some of the secrets of their trades. These one-hour programs provide students with an insiders look at different careers and how their classroom lessons apply to the real world.

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Universal Studies ProgramMarketing and Sales

Products and services that stand out from the rest can usually credit good marketing and sales to their success. In this program, students will nibe introduced and become familiar with some of the methods used to promote the resort. Advertising, promotions, brand marketing and marketing research are some of the topics covered in this great program.

Universal Studies ProgramCulinary Arts

Food is a universal language, and at Universal's Education Programs, you'll learn to speak fluently. Take tours of the professional kitchens and learn about culinary arts and the hospitality industry. Learn what it takes to make a great chef, and pick up some knowledge on kitchen management. Lunch is provided on this tour including a slice of pizza from one of the kitchens toured. Lunch and Learn pizza parties are available for the younger students.

Other Topics Available Including:
Universal Studies ProgramFinance, Career Developement and Guest Service

Universal Studies also offers tours and programs in the areas of Finance, Career Development, and Guest Service. Students will learn about careers in these fields plus what is expected in this line of work. Students will also learn what it takes to make a great candidate for a career in guest services.

Universal Studies ProgramPerforming Arts Workshops

Performing Arts are the wheels of the entertainment industry. Universal Studios is home to some of the greatest shows available to guests. Students will learn to develop techniques used in rehearsing for performances and getting ready for the industry of entertainment through the performing arts. Choose from Audition Technique or Improv Technique.

Meet with and learn from Orlando’s own WESH 2 meteorologist Amy Sweezey. In this unique live presentation, you’ll see what goes into understanding weather patterns and the impact it can have on theme park guests.

Assembly Programs
(1 hour programs with specific dates and times noted below)

The Right to Dream

This compelling story is about a young African-American man in Mississippi during the 1950's and 1960's. This live performance tells a hard story about the struggle and sacrifice for civil rights in America. This program focuses on the issues of civil rights, making audiences aware enough to understand how the fight against prejudice has shaped our history. Date: TBD

Universal Studies ProgramAnne Frank: Through the Eyes of a Friend

Anne Frank was a brave young girl whom documented her experiences running from the Nazis of war time Germany. This moving performance paints a portrait of friendship and survival, brought to life through the eyes of Anne Frank's best friend. This live performance allows audiences to witness the pain, loss and hope of young people during the Holocaust. Date: TBD

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