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Legoland Elementary Students

When you are looking for that perfect elementary school field trip, there is only one place that will give you the experience that you are looking for, LEGOLAND® near Orlando.

LEGOLAND® Theme Park is the perfect place to bring your entire elementary school class (K - 6) for a one of a kind educational and fun experience. LEGOLAND® offers so many various educational programs and exciting rides that you and your students will have an amazing time the entire day. LEGOLAND® offers educational programs that vary based on your elementary school grade and group. For example, grades K-3 can enjoy an amazing time at the Tall Towers program, where they will use LEGO® buidling materials to construct tall towers and big buildings. After their construction projects are completed, they will have a chance to test their creation on a table that simulates an earthquake. Grades K-2 can experience Funtastic Gears, where they will learn about different types of gears and how they work. Grades 3-6 can go on missions with their very own LEGOLAND® Adventure-bots and search for treasure or hide treasure from the rest of the group. There are so many more wonderful educational programs at LEGOLAND® and your certainly do not want to miss out on any of them. Oh yeah, do not forget about all of the rides that LEGOLAND® has to offer, too.

  • Book your class trip. This group rate is available Monday through Friday only.
  • - There are various educational programs that you can choose from or you can choose to check out LEGOLAND® has to offer on your own.
  • - The minimum student count for this youth group ticket special is 15 students.
  • - You are allowed 1 complementary chaperone for every 5 paid students.
  • - The deposit for the group trip is due at the time of booking.
  • - The elementary student group ticket includes full admission to the park, as well as the LEGOLAND® Water Park.

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